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Bite Me

My brother and my kitty in Halloween. Photo by me.
I love seeing funny costumes during Halloween, I think its the only time of the year people could express themselves creatively.
.... And don't forget those scary Halloween ballads, those are pretty beast too.
Now I leave you with some Fall fashion....

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Dark Times

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Pale Blue

Manarola, Italy. Beautiful, isn't it?
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Old School

The Smallest Coca-Cola Bottles I have ever seen. I recieved 50 of these as a gift from an aunt in Mexico.
Photo taken by Me.
I LOVE this song...
Not as much as this song though.....

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Go watch Inception, it is the best movie in the world....officially.


yes sir.

Double Rainbow

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As you may have read the title, go search it on YouTube.NOW!!Funniest Video Ever...Just watch and  laugh.
Now I leave you with some music.


Eye Candy

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Carby Fat and Body Parts

Amazing yet superbly creepy. Via Sea of Shoes.
The song is awsome, its just the video it shows is pretty weird. Ezra Koenig does look amazing though.
He looks so akward in this photo. Via Ffffound.




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Taken in Guanajuato, Mexico. By Me
The most amazing song composed by Beirut.
This is kind of romantic, d'accord ?
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